Avatar?id=10&size=24x24Call for Point Papers - AIS Conceptual Model

Added by Sottilare, Robert 6 months ago

We would like to hear from you...

Please consider developing a short (1 page) point paper on an AIS Conceptual Model for discussion at our next telecon.

Any format is fine... but please address the following points in your short paper:

1. What you are proposing
2. Why it is important to the development of an AIS conceptual model
3. How what you are proposing should reduce ambiguity in the AIS product space

Please send these to Bob Sottilare () no later than 24 July.

I have already added one point paper for our debate at the next telecon... I will add more as you send them... look under the documents tab or the AIS conceptual model under the forum tab if you would like to comment.