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Added by Sottilare, Robert 6 months ago

Biweekly telecons are on Thursdays at 10am eastern.

Agenda (updated 25 July):

  • Announcement - Dr. Drew Hampton, University of Memphis, will fill the role of working group Secretary. We still need to appoint a vice chair and a treasurer.
  • Roll Call - IEEE and non-IEEE working group members (Ben Goldberg, Recruiting Coordinator)
  • Old Business:
  • Announcements:
  • Reminder - Next few working group telecons are 9 August, 23 August, and 6 September
  • Schedule for Working Group Bi-Annual Meetings (1st meeting targeted for October 2018) in Palo Alto, California
  • Establishing an mail Reflector on CAIS
  • Recruiting Coordinator Report (Ben Goldberg)
  • Collaboration - ICICLE Report (Paula Durlach)
  • Collaboration - IEEE 9274 Report (Keith Brawner)
  • New Business:
  • Announcements:
  • Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) approved our proposal to start up a new affiliated conference, Adaptive Instructional Systems, beginning 26-31 July 2019 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA. The HCII affiliated conference will fill the role of one of our semi-annual face to face meetings each year and provide access to a larger international audience.
  • Discussion - Initial standard - AIS conceptual model point papers (under Forums, AIS Conceptual Model)
  • elocker: linked learner models (Avron Barr)
  • Defining Adaptive Instructional Systems (Bob Sottilare)
  • Webisodes (COL James Ness)

Information to join the conversation follows:
If you have items to cover during this telecon, please send Bob an email at .

How to join the telecon...
If you have a account or want to sign up, please go to: (need to login)
If you want to join as a guest, go to, and use Conference ID: 854-669-751 to join the meeting (anonymous login, but asks for your name later)

Dial this number for voice: +1.646.307.1990
If you want to present, you will need to either: download the app so I can pass control to you OR I can flip slides for you if you email me your presentation by 0800am on Thursday.