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Added by Sottilare, Robert 6 months ago

Hi to all members of the AIS standards working group...

I am pleased to announce that Jody Cockroft, University of Memphis, will be serving as our working group Treasurer. Drew Hampton was announced last week at our WG Secretary. I previously appointed Ben Goldberg as our recruiting coordinator, Keith Brawner as our liaison to IEEE Project 9274 (xAPI Standards), and Paula Durlach as our liaision to ICICLE. The team is starting to fill out.

I am still looking to appoint a Vice-Chair... ideally, I would like this person to be an industry representative in a country outside of the US to provide a more balanced point of view for our working group.

The AIS conference will serve as the venue for one of two annual face-to-face meetings. I am in the midst of discussions with candidates to be Vice-Chair for the AIS Conference, an HCI International affiliated conference. This position will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

Several people have volunteered to chair sessions at the AIS conference. Thanks to: Ben Bell, Anne Sinatra, Jeanine DeFalco, Xiangen Hu, Robby Robson, and Paolo Proetti. We would like to fill 6-10 additional sessions. So if you have interest in supporting the AIS conference, please email me at .