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Standards for Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS2)
Stanford Research Institute
Menlo Park, CA, United States, October 30-31, 2018

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Abstract registration deadline (extended abstract - 800 words) September 14, 2018
Abstract acceptance notification September 21, 2018
Paper submission deadline October 12, 2018
Paper acceptance notification October 19, 2018

The second Standards for Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS2) Workshop will be held 30-31 October in Menlo Park, California at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). This workshop will be composed of three 1/2 day sessions and supports the presentation and discussion of potential standards within a class of technologies known as adaptive instructional systems. Adaptive systems provide tailored instruction based on individual and group learning needs and preferences. We are seeking papers and presentations to identify problems and potential solutions leading to standardization in the development, deployment, and evaluation processes of adaptive instructional systems. This workshop is a step in developing IEEE standards and is being organized under the auspices of the IEEE Learning Technologies Standards Committee and its supporting Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Working Group (Project 2247).

Submission Guidelines
All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Papers should be limited to 5 pages. We are targeting acceptance of approximately 18-20 papers and presentations should be limited to 15 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allocated for discussion.

The following paper categories are welcome:

  • Recommended standard definitions for Adaptive Instructional Systems (AISs) and their functional components
  • Recommended standard methodologies for adapting instruction for individual learners and teams
  • Recommended interface specifications to link AISs with external systems (e.g., learning management systems and training systems)
List of Topics
  • Taxonomies for AISs
  • Conceptual Models for AISs
  • Interface Specifications for AISs

All questions about submissions should be emailed to Robert Sottilare.

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