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The IEEE Study Group on Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) is planning to meet for a workshop in Orlando, Florida, 7-8 March 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday). Details and a formal call for point paper will follow soon.

Our intention with the workshop in March is to solicit point papers in the areas that we identified as either opportunities or problems to be solved. Point papers will be 2-5 pages with accompanying presentations and discussion. Areas of interest for standards opportunities follow:

Learner Modeling Standards
  • Define Methods for Competency Modeling
  • Standardize Logging of User Behaviors
Instructional Modeling Standards
  • Define Adaptivity Levels
  • Standardize Evaluations and Effect Measures
  • Pedagogical Strategies

Domain Modeling Standards

General AIS Design Standards
  • Defining Common AIS Functions & Components
  • Standardized Messages for Component Interaction
  • Logging of System Behaviors
  • Interoperability between AIS and External Environments
  • Standardize Knowledge Components/Concepts/Learning Objectives

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Added by Sottilare, Robert about 1 year ago

We will be using this website as a primary mechanism to communicate with the learning technologies community about potential standards. Earlier this week, the Learning Technologies Steering Committee (LTSC) under the auspices of the IEEE Computer Society has formed a 6-month Standards Study Group to investigate the possible market need for standards across a group of technologies collectively known as Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS). AIS include Intelligent Tutoring Systems and other related learning technologies that are of interest to the AIED society and its membership.

Standards can have an impact an enabler for streamlining and innovating processes, decreasing waste and development costs, increasing the efficiency of research and development, reducing adopters’ risks and integration costs, lowering barriers to entry for innovative products, improving interoperability and reuse, expanding markets, and supporting the development of new technologies and products.

The point of contact for the AIS study group is Dr. Bob Sottilare at the US Army Research Laboratory.

If you have interest in contributing to this study group or just want to keep informed about AIS standards progress, Dr. Sottilare recommends you sign up to become a member of the Center for Adaptive Instructional Sciences (CAIS) at The CAIS website will be used to poll communities of interest like AIED and other societies about AIS problems and standards approaches, inform members about upcoming AIS events, publish opportunities to influence standards, share standards information, and report progress. We are looking forward to working closely with AIED and its members to enhance the presence, usability and effect of AIS in the world.

Look for more information on this topic very soon...


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