Team Modeling


The Team Modeling project area examines tools and methods to model processes, attitudes, and cognitive functions within teams during instruction including:

  • team taskwork - is a subset of team modeling which is focused on developing proficiency in task domains required for a specific duty of one’s job (Salas 2015); taskwork is a domain-dependent learning activity
  • teamwork - is the "coordination, cooperation, and communication among individuals to achieve a shared goal" (Salas 2015, p.5); teamwork behaviors are largely domain-independent; teamwork includes the social skills needed to function as a team; teamwork activities may include teambuilding whose goal is to strengthen the coordination, cooperation, communication, coaching, conflict management, cohesion, and collective efficacy of the group (Salas 2015); teamwork is a necessary
    prerequisite to satisfactory taskwork performance (Van Berio 1997).
  • collaborative learning - (also referred to as cooperative learning) is "a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together" (Dillenbourg 1999, p. 1); cooperative learning reinforces active participation (Van Berio 1997); collaborative learning generally focuses on a learning goal, is primarily domain-dependent and includes computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) activities.


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